A Note From Chris

 Did you know that in 1946, the University of Pennsylvania announced the very first computer? It was called ENIAC, weighed 27 tons and took up 1,800 square feet. Computers have certainly come along way since then and the constant changes in technology have created unprecedented opportunities for success and even caused the demise of companies that failed to keep up.

As you probably know, web design is not my primary career, but it does represent an important segment of my professional capabilities. Fortunately, having a dual career has created a “win-win” situation:  keeping abreast of technological changes for my web clients has made me a better educator. .

Along those lines, I recently concluded that I needed to take my web business to the next level. So while I am not ready to either quit my day job or incorporate my web business, I am ready to acquire some new products and capabilities. To mark this, I have chosen a name: SiteSolution4Me.

I hope this year is successful and prosperous. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of service!

For more information about SiteSolution4Me, contact me at: 

Chris Van BUskirk
246 Miller Road
Akron, Pennsylvania  17501

E-Mail us directly at sitesolution4me@gmail.com